Workshop session for “Irpen Art School”

18 Dec 2017


In November 2017, our team organized a workshop session for exceptionally gifted children from the art school of academic drawing and painting “Irpen Art School”. Taking no note of time, we all together have created a confectionery miracle named “Gingerbread Town” which is now adorning and giving festive atmosphere to the Irpen City Council.23755135_1305343532945511_4248870347367216457_n23722609_1305342832945581_1454892946390115259_n23722428_1305343056278892_243204364558243869_n23722428_1305343056278892_243204364558243869_n23722236_1305343156278882_8991679706886639896_n23722650_1305344346278763_5054565600466818800_n23795356_1305342962945568_1370618914569080991_n23795166_1305344022945462_962735629888824487_n23722706_1305343482945516_6549713431895323259_n

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